Chemical, Fine Chemical, Pharmaceutical Centrifuges

Rousselet Robatel offers cGMP horizontal peeler centrifuges, vertical basket centrifuges, liquid / liquid centrifugal extractors, decanter centrifuges, from laboratory to industrial production scale designed for the requirements of the chemical, fine chemical, and pharmaceutical industries.

Horizontal Peeler Centrifuges by Rousselet RobatelMono-Stage Centrifugal Extractors by Rousselet Robatel


Textile Industry

Rousselet Robatel has batch and continuous centrifugal hydro-extractors designed for applications such as wool, cotton, nylon, virgin or recycled fibers, for hydro-extraction of bobbins, loose stock, carpet recycling, hanks, fabric sheets, and clothing.

Textile Industry Centrifuges by Rousselet RobatelTextile Industry Centrifuges by Rousselet Robatel

Machine Tooling, Metalworking, & Hydrometallurgy

Rousselet Robatel offers continuous and batch de-oiling and drying centrifuges, also known as chip spinners or swarf spinners, specifically designed for applications in the machine tool and surface treatment industries, and are used for services such as metal swarf recovery, metal recycling and metal recovery, oil recovery, and coolant recovery.

Machine Tooling, Metalworking, & HydrometallurgyHydrometallurgy Schematic

Food Industry

Rousselet Robatel has developed a line of batch and continuous centrifuges that are specifically designed for the food processing industry. These centrifuges have been developed for applications such as salad de-watering, cut vegetable de-watering, de-oiling of fried foods…

Food IndustryFood Industry

Product Purification

Rousselet Robatel offers a wide range of process equipment designed for product purifications.  We offer a wide range of centrifuges for solid / liquid separation and liquid extraction equipment for such service.

Pilot scale vertical basket centrifugePreparative scale centrifugal partitioning chromatograph for isolation of natural product fractions


Recycling, Environmental & Special Applications

Rousselet Robatel knows how to address special needs where separation of a solid and liquid, or separation of two liquids must be achieved using centrifugation. Strengthened by our ability and experience in manufacturing centrifuges in multiple industries, we can manufacture tailor-made solutions to separation problems.

Recycling, Environmental & Special ApplicationsRecycling, Environmental & Special Applications

Automation and Controls

Rousselet Robatel offers a variety of control system options to ensure optimum centrifuge performance. Each control system is customized to meet the customer’s needs and plant standards.

Automation and Controls