Callebaut de BlicquyROUSSELET ROBATEL AND CALLEBAUT DE BLICQUY have developed complete and innovative turn-key solutions specifically designed for dyeing and bleaching processes in the textile industry.


CDB 3D Model of Bleaching Process
Complete textile processing line for cotton bleaching including presses,
bleaching kiers, cake breaker, and centrifugal hydro-extractors.

CDB Applications:

Advantages of the Turn-Key System:

  • Homogeneous cotton cake – no preferential passage which minimizes defects
  • Higher bleaching efficiency resulting in higher quality bleached cotton
  • Reduced maintenance and processing costs
  • Minimal water consumption – from 25-30 liters of water per kg of bleached cotton, when compared to 60 liters per kg of cotton consumed by other technologies. This reduction on water consumption presents additional advantages:
    • Higher energy efficiency – less water used for treatment, less water to be heated
    • Reduced reagent consumption (caustic / alkaline solutions, hydrogen peroxide, softener, …) whose consumption is directly linked to water consumption
    • Environmentally friendly / green processing / sustainability – reduced waste water treatment, less water used for bleaching generates less water to be treated in a waste water treatment plant.

Advantages of the Centrifugal Hydro-Extractor
The Rousselet Robatel Model SCPC TE continuous centrifugal hydro-extractor used in this process line presents the advantages of:

  • Continuous processing
  • Consistent drying
  • Reduced drying energy costs
  • Reduced labor costs

For more detailed information regarding the Callebaut de Blicquy cotton bleaching system, please visit the CDB technologies website

Worldwide specialists in textile centrifugal hydro-extraction and turn-key cotton bleaching and dyeing systems, ROUSSELET ROBATEL and CDB TECHNOLOGIES adapt to specific requirements and needs of our customers.