OptilabThe OPTILAB laboratory dyeing machine uses spectral analysis of spent liquor samples to accurately characterize colors and timing of the addition of chemicals to assure reproducible and scalable results for production dyeing, impregnation, and finishing processes in the textile industry.




Optilab dyeing analysis equipment with integrated software and PLC

Optilab dyeing analysis equipment with integrated software and PLC



  • Assures process time optimization & increases productivity
  • Consistently defines production dyestuff injection values
  • Lowers pollution rates (minimizes consumption of dyestuffs and chemicals)
  • Reduces direct & indirect energy costs
  • Achieves “RIGHT FIRST TIME” & assures a rapid return on investment

The innovative OPTILAB system improves dyeing quality, impregnation consistency, & reproducibility in the laboratory and in the finishing process. Based on proprietary operating technology, this enables users to witness exhaustion during the dyeing step, the results of which are available in real-time and displayed for comparative analysis.

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