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Filter Fabrics

Filter Media

Rousselet Robatel provides filter media for all of our basket filtration centrifuges.

For our top discharge centrifuges or bag lifting centrifuges, we provide filter bags for our full range of equipment.

For our automatic discharge centrifuges, we provide filter panels and backing screens. For Rousselet Robatel centrifuges with residual heel removal systems, we have dual weave filter cloth designs in which a single panel serves as the backing screen and the filter media. This allows for the entire filter media to flex during the heel removal step for optimized residual heel recovery.

Filter panels can be made in pre-formed cylinders for easy installation.

We provide a wide variety of filter media materials:

  • Polypropylene
  • PTFE
  • PEEK
  • Tyvek
  • Pharma grade certified materials
  • Mono-filament
  • Multi-filament
  • Dual Weave
  • Welded, seamless construction for small particle slurries

We offer a full range of particle retention ratings. Typical ratings are as follows:

  • 1-5 micron
  • 5-10 micron
  • 15-20 micron
  • 20-30 micron
  • Impermeable liners for decanter conversion

The filter medium is installed on the inside surface of the cylindrical basket as shown in Figure 1. For top discharge centrifuges, a bag is supplied that covers the entire inside of the basket. For automatic discharge centrifuges grooves are provided to secure a filter panel inside the basket cylinder. Typically, the filter liner is retained using metallic retention rings, caulking rope, cords or o-rings.

The filter medium assembly is typically composed of a backing screen and a filter cloth (the filter cloth and backing can be sewn together to make an assembly if desired). The backing screen forms channels beneath the filter cloth, which facilitate the filtrate flow to the nearest basket perforation
(Refer to Figures 1-3 for details).