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designs, manufactures and sells complete centrifuge systems for solid/liquid and liquid/liquid separation. More than 250 years of combined experience in centrifuge separation have enabled Rousselet Robatel to develop a technological know-how and to build a reputation based on reliability and quality.

The company has become expert in separation from laboratory scale to industrial production.

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IS THE WORLD MARKET LEADER IN CENTRIFUGAL PARTITION CHROMATOGRAPHY (CPC) with more than 130 systems operating around the globe.

Since 1999 Kromaton has pioneered in developing Fast Centrifugal Partition Chromatography (FCPC™) systems for the separation and purification of complex mixtures of natural, synthetic or biological/biotechnological origin.

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is the subsidiary of the German pressure vessels manufacturer Raff + Grund and the French centrifuges manufacturer Rousselet Robatel.

Its purpose is to design and manufacture plug-and-work skids and units for the pharmaceutical, chemical, biotechnological and food industries.

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